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Our Thread Leather Collection textiles are inspired by Samurai armor, which often combined the strength and flexibility of leather with the beauty and elegance of urushi lacquer and gold leaf. We weave this textile on a customized vintage ‘hikibaku sochi’ loom that was used for weaving obi sash in the traditional ‘haku’ technique, in which gold leaf, mother of pearl and other precious materials were adhered to washi paper, cut into strips and woven into the obi. These textiles are meticulously handcrafted and we are not aware of a similar textile in the world. People find the tactile feel of the textiles to be especially seductive.

Café Noir Thread Leather (Pipette)
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Café Noir Thread Leather (Pipette)

Elegant look, tactile sensation.

This textile uses super-soft, fine leather threads that are pulled into ‘pipettes’ by the precise tensioning of the vertical strings.